Learn how a Truckload Freight Broker grew its revenue by an impressive 122% Q/Q by enabling a plug-and-play service that allowed them to take advantage of a wide network of LTL carriers and competitive contracts to support customers’ needs.

The company deployed a complete LTL operation by outsourcing a dedicated team to handle rating, dispatching, tracking, billing and claims, and implementing an advanced Transportation Management System (TMS) in no time and without incurring any investment.

Quick Facts About the Broker

National freight broker
specialized in
truckload shipping.

Over 10
Years of experience in
the transportation &
logistics industry..


Has grown consistently
during the last years
due to their outstanding customer experience.


Provides mainly nationwide
truckload services to a
variety of industries.


UNA-FLECHAIncrease revenue in a highly competitive market.

UNA-FLECHAImprove the customer retention rate (CRR).

UNA-FLECHAStart to offer LTL services to their customers without incurring any investment.

UNA-FLECHAAttract more customers with a broader portfolio of services.

UNA-FLECHAMaintain consistent
service levels.