Have you been forced to call off LTL opportunities?

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If you are a truckload broker looking to add LTL services to your portfolio and stop losing deals, GLT has something for you!

You can bring LTL solutions to your customers with a dedicated team that will represent you without incurring any monetary investment. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you will have access to our expert team, high-end technology, competitive LTL carrier contracts, and our experience to support your customers. Grow your business with a reliable partner with more than 18 years in the LTL market.


GLT Add LTL services to your portfolio and provide more solutions to your customers.

GLT $0 investment opportunity and a high return on sales. You will only need your account manager’s time.

GLT Increase your company’s revenue  with a fair profit split by selling LTL services to your current and potential customers.

Legal and contractual backup
to protect your customer base


Front and BackA Dedicated Team Will Be by Your Side

You will have a dedicated team available working under your brand and representing your company to support you with every step of the LTL process. Our expert team will have your back from start to finish and we are going to be following up and taking care of every single detail, including those stressful situations such as billing discrepancies. Our work, your brand!

Wide Network of CarriersWide Network of Carriers

Throughout the years, we have built long-term relationships with many LTL carriers. Having the opportunity to access our extensive network will allow you to get competitive prices, and a wide range of quality vendors from economy, to premium.

High-End TechnologyHigh-End

Your customers will have access to your online portal with the capabilities of quoting, dispatching, reporting, and tracking LTL shipments. This platform will be custom made with your logo and corporate image, your customers will never know GLT is behind.


Our expert team will make sure all the shipment charges are accurate. In case of any discrepancy, they will be contacting the carrier to help you adjust the invoice. You will have back up in every step of the LTL process, even in the event of a claim.

GLT UniversityGLT University

We always strive to go the extra mile, and how we train our team is no exception. We have created our GLT University to offer expert training to each of your team members. This training will ensure customers are effectively assisted with tailored advice and personalized support every time.

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Bring LTL solutions to your customers with a dedicated team that will represent you without incurring any investment

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